For me, I really like corn

What do you like about corn?






I can tell you all about it. I mean, look at this thing

When I tried it with butter, everything changed!

ITs CORN is not just another meme token for the short term! It’s a deflationary meme token with rewards! with an active fun community! ITs CORN is derived from the popular Recess Therapy’s original YouTube video “its corn!” that took social media by storm. ITs CORN is a community lead project that encourages participation in shaping the future of ICN through voting and project discussion’s. Our primary objective is to outperform other meme projects by providing valuable utility and practical real-world applications. We enhance the experience for our dedicated community members through a reward tax system, while also incorporating staking capabilities directly into our contract. 


We have deployed one of the safest contracts available to date, it incorporates a set of features that promote stability, anti-whale, anti-rug and 2% burns token with every sell transaction. Our contract has a staking functionality to be turned on soon.

We have locked LP for 1K days and locked an additional 15% of tokens on Dxsale. 30% of tokens went to LP after ICO. 

Token Address

0 Billion
Total Supply


Token Name



HODL Rewards

Bitcoin (BTC)

Transaction Fees

Each transaction involving our token incurs a fee, which is distributed among several parties to incentivize participation and provide value to the ecosystem. The fees are divided as follows:

0 %
Charity Fee

2% of the transaction amount is collected as a tax fee. This fee goes directly to BaliDonate a registered charity assisting poor communities in Indonesia.

0 %
Liquidity Fee

2% of the transaction amount is allocated as a liquidity fee. This fee is used to provide liquidity for the token on decentralized exchanges, ensuring the availability of buy and sell orders.

0 %
Reward Fee

2% portion of the transaction amount is taxed and distributed to holders in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) This fee helps encourage holders, potentially increasing the value of each token.

Reward Mechanism

The token employs a reflection mechanism, whereby holders passively earn Bitcoin (BTC) by holding them in their wallets. This is achieved through a fee distribution process. Whenever a transaction occurs, a portion of the transaction fee is distributed proportionally to all token holders. By holding our token, you automatically earn more over time.

Anti-Whale Measures

To prevent large holders from exerting too much influence on the token’s price and market, we have implemented anti-whale measures. These measures include limits on the maximum amount of tokens that can be transacted in a single transaction and the maximum number of tokens that can be held in a wallet.

Anti-Rug Measure

Anti-rug measures have been built into the contract these security features incorporated into cryptocurrency contracts to safeguard users against fraudulent activities like rug pulls. These measures include liquidity locking, ownership renouncement, KYC, AMA, community governance, code audits, transparency through open-source code, and the implementation of timelock mechanisms. By locking liquidity, renouncing ownership, involving the community in decision-making, conducting code audits, maintaining transparency, and introducing timelocks, these measures enhance the contract’s security, protect users’ funds, and foster trust within the ecosystem.

Burn Mechanism

Built into the contract is a burn function that permanently removes or destroys a certain number of tokens from circulation. When executed, the burn function eliminates the selected tokens by sending them to an address or smart contract from which they cannot be accessed or recovered. This process effectively reduces the total supply of tokens in the ecosystem, leading to a deflationary effect. The burn function is often utilized to control inflation, increase scarcity, or enhance the value of the remaining tokens by creating a limited supply.

Automatic Liquidity Provision

A liquidity pool is created and maintained to ensure there is always enough liquidity for smooth trading. Whenever a transaction occurs, a portion of the transaction fee is automatically converted into liquidity and added to the pool. This feature enhances price stability and enables seamless trading.

Community-driven Governance

We believe in the power of community governance. Token holders are actively involved in decision-making processes such as proposing and voting on important matters related to the token’s future development, partnerships, and initiatives, With your support the future and commitment to the project the possibilities are endless.


Staking is a feature that enables users to lock a certain amount of tokens for a specified period and participate in the network’s consensus mechanism. By staking tokens, users contribute to the network’s security and stability, earning rewards in return. These rewards are distributed proportionally to each staker’s stake. This function is pre-built into ITs CORN contract to be switched on at a later date


Phase 1: Development and Launch

  • Develop and launch the ICN cryptocurrency.
  • Launch the ICN website and social media channels to promote the project and grow the ICN family.
  • Publish the ICN whitepaper to provide detailed information about the project. COMPLETED

Phase 2: Security Audit

  • Conduct a thorough security audit of the ICN smart contract to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities.
  • Work with independent security experts to review the source code and ensure that it is secure.
  • Implement any necessary changes or improvements based on the audit findings.
  • Obtain KYC certificate to promote trust in ICN. COMPLETED
  • Grow the ITs CORN community through Telegram and Twitter. (ONGOING)

Phase 3: Listing and Launch

  • Launch fair launch ICO on GemPad.
  • List on DEXView.
  • Bridge to ETH with ChainPort to allow ETH network users to seamlessly trade ICN.
  • List on MelegaSwap NexDAX and
  • Launch ICN merchandise to organically promote ICN. COMPLETED 
  • List on KoinPark. COMPLETED
  • List on where people can mint ICN and earn an APY of 149%  COMPLETED
  • Apply to list ICN on CoinGecko, a popular cryptocurrency market data platform.
  • Meet the listing requirements and provide the necessary information to CoinGecko.
  • Once listed, promote ICN to the CoinGecko community to increase visibility and trading volume.

Phase 4: Listing on ApeSwap

  • Apply to list ICN on ApeSwap, a popular decentralized exchange.
  • Work with ApeSwap's team to ensure that ICN meets all of the exchange's listing requirements.
  • Once listed, promote ICN to the ApeSwap community to increase visibility and trading volume.

Phase 5: Listing on CoinMarketCap

  • Apply to list ICN on CoinMarketCap, one of the largest cryptocurrency market data platforms.
  • Meet the listing requirements and provide the necessary information to CoinMarketCap.
  • Once listed, promote ICN to the CoinMarketCap community to increase visibility and trading volume.

Phase 6: Expansion and Growth

  • Continue to develop and improve ICN based on community feedback and market trends.
  • Explore partnerships with other cryptocurrency projects and platforms to expand the use cases and utility of ICN.
  • Pursue additional listings on other exchanges to increase liquidity and reach a wider audience.

Phase 7: ICN Game Development

  • It's Corn plans to develop a game available for iOS and Android devices that will further increase burn rates and incentivize the use of ICN. In the game, users will have the chance to win ICN or trade rewards points to exchange for in app game items or use points to exchange for ICN, thereby increasing demand for the token and reducing the total supply over time.
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